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What tripod should I buy?

  Tripods, some people love them, some people hate them. There are times where a tripod will enable to capture something that you just couldn’t do handheld. Here are some tips on what to look for in a tripod and also, on how to get the most out of using a tripod. If you are looking into getting a tripod here are some things to think of before purchasing one. How heavy is my camera/Lens combination? All tripods and tripod heads indicate how much weight they can support in their specifications. If your camera and tripod combinations are too heavy for your tripod you may find that the tripod won’t be stable and maybe even fall over and damage your gear. How tall do I need the tripod to go? This depends on how tall you are and whether or not you mind bending over a little bit to use your tripod.   These days a lot of cameras have fold out LCD screens that make shooting lower or higher a lot easier. So, this may not be as important as it once was but it’s still a point that you ne

What do the different auto-focus options mean?

ONE SHOT   One shot is best used for still subjects. In this mode the camera will only focus once.  If there is any movement or change in the subjects distance or positioning it will need to be focused again. AI FOCUS In this mode, the camera will switch itself between One Shot and AI Servo depending on what the subject is doing. AI SERVO This setting is best used for subjects where the distance is always changing (like sports). While you hold the shutter button down half way the camera will continuously focus.