Do you really need to upgrade your gear?

 As photographers we are always looking at ways to improve.  We scour the net looking for articles and tutorials that will help us improve our photography as well as our workflow.  A lot of that time is spent looking at what others have achieved with all their different camera's, lenses, filters...  (the list goes on and on).

This always leads us to the assumption that we need better gear to up our game so we can get to the next level that we so desire to reach.  Here is what we fail to realize.  

How long have the people we are watching and learning from, taken to get to the point they are in, in their careers?

We spend so much time looking and learning from all these people that we forget that they too, were just like us at one point.  Trying anything and everything to achieve the results that they've been chasing. I bet that if you ask any one of these people if they are happy with where they are with their photography, most of them will tell you that they are still working on it.

Am I happy with how my photography is at the moment? No, I need to do a lot more work on my compositions, on how I'm editing and also, how I display my work.

I've spent the last 16 years making mistakes that I only notice after getting home and reviewing my images. I've spent thousands on gear that I didn't need, chasing the results that other people had achieved and desperately trying to improve.

It was only last week that I realized, we can only improve as photographers by getting out there, learning the gear we have, enjoying the process and just being in the moment. We have to stop thinking about what we've learnt from others online. We have to instead, focus on what we find interesting about the subject that we are shooting. By doing this, we will improve all while developing our own style.

Gear doesn't take photo's and it certainly won't make you a better photographer.

Only time and practice can do that.


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